Musical Society

I'm neither good in writing English nor in telling stories. I'm not trying to be an intellect or philosophical. I'm just a guy who loves yongchak like every other Manipuri guys and helplessly hoping for something to come on my way. I'm a music lover. I don't know how to start about it. Please don't take it seriously, it's just my opinion and you are free to criticize me.

In Manipur, people have protested in numbers of ways against every odd things. Now it really doesn't matter whether you protest in naked or remain hungry for half decade, no one is going to listen me and you.
Why don't we do something different? Why don't we start protesting through music? We should do something like those Black American Singers during civil war.

If you are creative you can make the world fool and carry the world around your hips like Aishwarya carries both Big B and Small B. And I believe there are lots of talented guys in every corner of Manipur who have been misused by drugs and Indian Armies. Beside all these, we don't even have any kind of entertainment, but we do need it, we are social animal. So it leads our youngster to drugs ultimately, I don't blame them for it, it's a demand of their age. Everyone becomes frustrated, angry and disappointed.

My idea is why don't we try to give them a platform to express their anger in a better way, so that people listen to them to understand them, instead of taking up syringes or SP or gun. I'm no one to provide them the space,( I should mention this because we manipuris are mastered in leg pulling and gossiping and they will tear me apart). But If we are together we can do a lot of better things than simply sitting and blaming our elders.

I'm not asking you to make career out of music, if you do, you'll remain hungry like our old comrade Tapta, hungry in the sense that he can't throw away his old torn faded jeans for a better pair of Levis.

Seriously, do you know where are we heading? We are falling into abyss. We have left with nothing to lose or nothing to gain. we have lost faith in ourselves.
Let's create a musical society through which we can protest,in the same time our youngsters also become constructive and productive.

Let's give ourselves a chance
Let's give peace a chance
Let's give land of protest a chance

(an ode to my homeland)

This world is indeed cruel as mama told me
When I stepped my feet away from the land of protest
A land where i can't roam free, even if it's mine
A land where i can't speak from heart even if I'm hurt
No one gives me shelter in my land

It's my torn shoes that carries my weight
And take me to the strangest place
Far away from that land of protest
A protest against the killings
Aprotest for the seek of self determination

I do miss the sound of gunshots at night
Which put me to sleep with lots of thought in my mind
Never understood why the folks were sweating
Why my dad was shivering in those hot summer night
When the moon was hanging low like the summer mangoes
And the stars twinkled like those taught in Kindergarten

I miss the empty roads where i did skating
Never knew what was curfew, like it was many sundays
Mother sang me the lullaby which was lost in time
And Fade away like shadows of clouds
In the background of the sounds
Of the boots of the Indian armies
Patrolling on the empty torn roads
And assured Mother was not safe at my home.

This was the land I belong.
It's still the same land I belong
It will never change

Dont Take me to the land of protest, My torn shoes
Let me be a stranger to these strangers.
I'll go back when I get a pair of boots
I'll walk like those copes on the empty roads
Will sing the lullaby to the people
About the fullmoon nights i had spent
In search of a new pair of boots, in the strangest place
Far away from the land of protest
A land I dream to go back
With a new pair of spainish leather boots
A land where the cost of bullets is higher than my life

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