To my darling

the dogs here are unlike Indian dogs
they dont wave their tails
They dont have a reaction

They dont bark like the ones in your campus
But they stare at me like I am just fallen from the sky
i think they need to be fed Tiger biscuits.

The bikes here dont have clutch
So they ride holding drinks in one hand
the pineapples taste like the ones from my hometown
small and sweet just like you too.
there is nothing in my room
except a sofa set and television that i dont use
i dont have a kitchen

i miss cooking for you
I miss my pressure cooker and its whistles
i miss seeing you eat hot rice
with the steam blurring your spectacle.

I like to think i am lost here
but in a good way
everyone is happy
no one talks of politics
everyone loves their king
they pray for the queen
and i am losing my politics
struggling with chopsticks
 everyday and night
the other night i write a song
i wanted to be political
so the chorus is
"I will catch bullets with chopsticks"
and named it "chopstick blues"

Poetry has been replaced
by mystery of the Universe
or i can't write poetry in higher altitude
i am on fourth floor
Poetry has stopped coming to me

my colleague took me to a river named Khek
which is 37kms away from the University
and i peed inside the river
so i have peed inside two rivers so far
the first one was Imphal River,
it was many years ago
when  Imphal was as innocent as my pee
but this time it was the whiskey called Regency
it just tasted like some single malt expensive scotch.

An Italian professor arrived today
they all said he is a great physicist
and he goes to church every sunday
he wanted me to talk about my work
i wanted to talk about my country
i have loved my country so much
that i can't see it bleeding
but i talked crap for what i will be paid for

I dont like sea foods
they taste like rubber
or like chewing rubber
I miss the smell of my kitchen
my room now has grasshoppers
they are black in colors
i think they like to watch
thai pop music channels
they sit still for hours in my sofa
staring at the television
while i watch the channel for girls
I wonder have i really killed
 all those rats in my delhi kitchen
with that poison.
did they nose bleed to death?
are they all paralysed and gone mad?

almost everyday here i have iced cappucino
cos other coffees i dont know in cafeteria.
They love ice here.
They love noodles here....
They say lives here are simple
as transparent as their glass noodles

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