I dreamt of Joseph Kony

Last night
I dreamt of Joseph Kony
(blame all the news and posts).
Somewhere near Mayang Imphal
I met him in a tea hotel
Called "Ibemcha Tea Hoten"
He said reading Poknafam
"No one fasts in Uganda against me
Or against my Army.
And see! you have a lady fasting
For 12 fucking years
Against the Army and the Act
And no one knows about it.
Why don't u call Jason Rusell??
He may start something like
"Invisible Chinkies"
Or cry at Obama's feet
They will send you American forces"
Oh Joseph !
You dont know anything.
They are the armies
Of my own country
Who salute at the tri-color flag.
By the way, Joseph!
You look a lot like our own Joseph
From Nokphadey
Poknafam- An Imphal based Newspaper
Nokphadey- A comedy video film series produced in Imphal during nineties but still a big hit. Joseph is one of the actors in it.

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