new year day

Happy New year
It is a freezing saturday afternoon
The red roses are blooming at traffic lights
The lovers have gone away from the citylight
the poets are busy greeting their friends
everyone is a singer, the voices crack soulful melody
out of such lifeless lives...
Dancing Dancers all around
inside the rooms, in the streets
in the campuses, in me
The coffee mug is filled with whiskey
the man across the buidling greets'
“Happy New year”
“Same to you”
the popcorn popper sprinkles white
like snow from the sky
and the smell too
and the children stands in queue.
At INA market
The big knife chops slice after slice of pork
and lovers walk away with it
some like to have it mustard
some like it simple
some like it with bamboo shooth

happy new year
i say to my blanket
and wrap up myself
and watch the silent Scarlet Johannson

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