Broken Things

The city stood still.
broken men and women at bus stop
waiting for broken buses
that collapsed long before
the red light pole collapsed

broken people stood still
“People are poles”-
unbroken glasses whispered

I asked the plumber
to fix my water tape
and he said “but who will fix a broken man”

I asked the cobbler
to mend their boots
and he said “ but who will mend
the broken hearts underneath their fine suits ”

the broken singer sings
“the river of warmth from your eyes
are not to keep your cheeks warm
but to remind 'you are broken'
broken like everything else is broken ”

I asked the poet
to write a poem of my broken cellphone
and he said “but who will write of this broken country
which send poets for trial for writing of broken things”

I asked the lover
to teach me how to fall in love
and he said “Can't fall twice as a whole,
if once it is broken”

I asked the coal miner
to give me some coal to burn
and he said “it wont get burn under the broken sky
under the broken roof of yours,
the rain will leak, your destiny is here with this coldness”

I asked the revolutionary
to teach me how to revolt against this broken justice
and he said “Revolution too is broken into peices.
only they are in books or in the lips of those bearded faces”

I asked the cook
to cook me pork
and he said “the pressure cooker is broken
the plates, the spoons are broken too”

I asked the dog
to bark at broken things so that i know they are broken
but he barks back at me
as if it was me
who collected all the broken things
of this city,
who made a portrait of himself
with broken things

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