Imphal Talkies and Ngakpa

Come my boy
Let me light your cigarette
Come come
Lets dance to the sound of bullets
Lets burn the History with the cigarette
Forget your pills
You don't know they steal
Steal you from yourself
And You can't help
Admiring the Photograph on the shelf
Of your lost faith
Society treats you
Like a crow drowning in Milk..

Yes! once we walk near the walls
You will hear the communist talking
Of going to Bars and Pubs...
They will say 150 bucks is a good bargain
For a bottle of Kingfisher Beer..
And how pathetic their choice of good music
The slower the tempo of the music
The better the bars are as they say
They are impossibly drunk with their slippers
They wear no underwear

The philosopher are growing beard
Not understanding why their mothers
Ran away with another man
Leaving their old drunken romantic father
Who cry for every spring season
They have lost struggling to raise a family.
Or they wonder about Oedipus complex...

Come my boy
Before you become another Sisyphus
Lets take a walk on the road
Lets skip the pebbles
Lets worry about a new fable
Lets turn upside down the table...
Before the Cigarette burns your finger


Khuman Ngakpa said...

Wow ! Thanks

Jayanta Oinam said...
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Jayanta Oinam said...

beautiful lines. can u collate all the posts from ur 3 blogs into 1, so dat its easy for us to browse. its request.

i want you to read this piece: