To Her From Me for the Love

Oh Yes this time
a Gift is sure to hit your face
i know i been such an ass
Now i have seen the light
in the Love of our fights..
Marriage may be delayed
but i will never be delayed
to say "I love you'
Like those dews
at Back Home
Whether it's winter
Or Summer...
The Dawn always cooks the dew
but there is few
to notice it
But i am not one of them
and I love you
not as few
But as Huge as Blue
Of the Sky...
How much do you love me?
i know the answer
It's greater than Universe
It's as Obvious as the beggars'
Cry out of Hunger....
Dont you Love me, Honey, My Sugar?

1 comment:

Khuman Ngakpa Oinam said...

I never know you can be this romantic also in the midst of everything. Cool Dude. Keep up and make her happiest.