Beggar's Lament

I curse you for all the good foods you eat
I hate you for all the warm winter cloths you wear
You disgust me with your unkind nature
Your pockets are with full of silver coins
But do not bother to notice a cripple
Who crawls towards your civilized door
Do not bother to look at it with an eyen open.

You are served with an apple a day,
Two meals and a breakfast a day.
You change your cloths

For every move you make.
The men come to polish your nails.
The men come to wash your inner wears.
And when you walk for a yard you pant

You just sweat and feel uneasy.
Your belly like you are pregnant

Coming out of you

You are so ugly and funny

I curse you for feeding your dogs with meat
I hate you for spitting

All over my road where I sleep
You disgust me with the way you scratch yourself
I am not going to beg you anymore
Even for all the good foods you have
Even for all warm winter cloths you have
Even for all the Gods you know

You have never slept on a road
You have never begged to anyone
But to the whores
You think I belong to this road.
There are thousands of roads
With thousands of people
Who sleeps half naked on the pavement
I am not alone
Half of your civilized world
Sleep on the streets……….

1 comment:

Shaista said...

i liked this one a lot!...i actually read this full cos i liked that beggar uncle:) .....and it is very well written and their feelings are expressed in a very nice way-- i was moved bye ur words....keep it up...and i wish those who read it, do something about it!