they call me an Outlaw

I don't know why you been so low
since i came and knock your door
yeah they call me an outlaw
say “i don't seem to know the law”
they say im their foe
“i don't know what i' m looking for”

you been hypnotized by writers and the system
you been socialized with flamboyant intellectuals
you have read books of Cuban revolution
you claim you been for the poor chasing the Sun
you put up posters of Guevara
upon the painted walls of your house of selfishness
you even wore him as your panties
but you don't stand in side your shoes
Behind the veil i see you being confused
but you claim to be as clear as Confucious

“you and i shall be free” we sang
they left me half killed with a bang
and you sipping your coffee in the party hall
singing you are in balls and chains
flirting with captains blowing the smoke

everywhere i go i can see my portrait
upon every walls of my own village
they asked you about the face
you said we been just friends
i remember your poetry

“Give me the Sun
Take away my full moon nights
the starry night makes me wonder
for the next meal and the supper

farmers committing suicide
and too they can't hide
from the taxes and the fights
hungry cries haunt the highway
and me with my notepad far away
from the way
crafting my poetry
a poetry to bring the change
of this night to a dawn with a new Sun
with the new Son of this land

glory days gonna come
shinny sky gonna bend
below you and me
and you and i shall be free forever”

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