so continues the month of July

The leaves are gone from the trees
The birds have broken free
Our glasses are empty
The boots are marching towards us
and the dogs are barking

So what?
We are ready to grow old together
all this madness shall be over

it is so easy.
sometimes I found
in chewing
fried pumpkin seeds.
and why unhappy at all??

 cried a river
with a damaged liver
seeing the sun
protesting to not fall off
the cliff of Langol hill
and now the darkness,
you call night,
has come
and many fake warriors
have arrived
with their own revolutions
but with stars that twinkle
making fun of my torn trousers
left hanging on the Polangkhok
,,my sun will rise
that will bring a plate of rice
and when i am full
I kill people in my poems

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