my lover's report on her cats

Tangy is pregnant
and coco sadly listens
to INXS' Never tear us apart
sitting at her balcony
facing the sun
snowy is still waiting
 for fishie at her door
Hunter is lazier than ever
and jobless
and eats
left over breakfast
in the canteen
Martha doesn't care
of Wainwright family
nor she remembers her daddy
scrawny is crawling
under the bushes
to attack morning sparrow
Hampokche with her chubby cheeks
licking off the last drop of milk
from her over-longed mustache
awww al pacino died too
without any god father
bongo listens to carribean music
and loves lemon tea
Mummy is climbing the tree
trying to mother all the squirrels
Punter I, II, II
they are all in a peace talk
to start all over a punter family
but refuse to have twin kitties
Fudgy cries
missing his old furry days
and he loves to shit
on The Times of India newspaper
Some of them
go to library in the evening

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