I smoked all the weeds of Bombay

All the weeds of bombay
I smoked in two days
and headed for Airport
and went to the book shop

They all write stories of Slums
No thing about the sweetness of chewing gum
The magazines are about MBAs and USA
and those lousy long essays

At the airport Television
i saw her all smiling with a teddy bear
like she has brought home a revolution
yes I was smiling too and felt it's been years

then I took off, i was an aeroplane
saw the city as a birthday cake
with so many candles,
yes this would be the cake of my eightieth birthday
I saw the moon being put atop a steel pole
who did that?

i though i was gonna crash above the sea
my flesh would be eaten by sea fish

 i remembered my friend Leichil
who is obsessed with Time Machine
He asked me to listen to Robot music
and our kids would love them
we agreed the music never stops
On the spring field, we grew as poppy flowers
the bees sucked us
the butterflies sprinkle their colors
we peed in rain
we cried upon grasses

we saw many clean rooms
with polished leather shoes
with oiled hair people
loving their lives planning for time to come

and the local train arrived
and we were aeroplane inside the train
my lover called me
as i flew over her hut
she said "peacocks are making out"

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