in between

Between you and me
there are fifteen odd states
in this country dying
of poverty
killing each other for land and a bread loaf
and how can you just only see me and
tell me "you are the only one i love"

between you and me
there are thousands of automobiles and trains
mountains and rivers..
how can you still smell me and tell me
im lying when i say i dont love you

between you and me
there are hundred of handsome
and richer men who write correct English
who always carry condoms in their wallet
who look up the sky when they talk
even about small things like napkins
making every moment filmy
dont you love filmy moment?

between you and me
there are good poetry bad poetry
but none of them are of you or me
they are of old lovers
who died holding their hands
when they became eighty
but not for you and me
who believe not in love
but who love love

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