someone please take me to Tibet

Someone please take me to Tibet
There is fire and bedbug in my bed
Im sick of Delhi and its weather
and i can tell you hundred reasons
to prove this is not my city or country

I wanna feel the Chinese government now
i want the Chinese toy stamp on my ass
it wont make me a lesser Akhu
I was once below the poverty line
now Im at the line of crossfire
I have had enough of Indian Government
and its atrocities,
I cried but they said it is just my slanting eyes
I want Tibet now
I want Momos now
I want to meditate remembering what is not in my memories
I wanna rot in the Chinese Prison
 where Ngawang Chophel was kept for six years.
China! please frame me once i get there
i dont care as being the citizen of India
here people dont get legal trials..
Just frame me, i dont even have a buck to hire a lawyer
I dont wanna rot in JN Hospital where i skated when i was a kid
when the building was new
Nawang Khechog, blow me away with the sound of your flute
i wanna fly above the Himalaya
Delhi is melting like my own semen in my own palm

The dogs are chirping
The birds are barking
the Faridabad night trains are crying
Im sick of my pressure cooker obsession
my friends are uselessly drunk and depressing
I wish them their death now
I just want to go to Tibet
Someone Please take me to Tibet
I want to feel the real bullets of real PLA
I wanna sing 'Tibet in Song'
Summer here is all about tomatoes and cucumbers
I want poetry, i want to read poetry
I love poetry, i love to read poetry
no one is selling them here
no one is writing them here
no one cares of them here

Some one please take me to Tibet
I wanna ride a yak chewing yak meat
I wanna fill my pocket with roasted barley
I wanna have butter tea in the morning
Mother, Im too much a poet to be your son
My love, im too much a poet to remain your lover
Father, Im too much a poet to work in the fields
Soldiers, Im too much a poet to die in your bullets
India, Im too much a poet for you
I know some day you will drive me off
for being with you in 69 position in my poetry
I better go away on my own
Tell the Chinese Embassy to grant me a life long Visa

Someone please take me to Tibet
There is fire in my bed
This city makes me sad
all my trousers and shirts are wet with sweat
The sun here makes me mad
my people, they love to rape
can't you hear me Tibet?
I wanna be that frozen ice slab before i die
upon the Himalaya
don't tell me of religion or god Jehovah
don't talk to me of sickle and hammer or of Chinese toys
I just wanna be me in your lap, in you, Tibet
Long ago, she acted as Pebet mother
but the little ones have been murdered, killed, raped, coverted, etc
in the valley in the hills in this country.
She now is no longer a Pebet
She is now Tagore's flower in his repetitive murmurs of Spring evening.
Tibet, i dont wanna be sad anymore

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