A wish in bangalore

Once i had a lover
who thought i was a rubber.
She thought i would go back
to where i was.
She was bit in hurry
she changed from pink to yellow
waitng for no seasons
she took me to the chemist shop
in the morning
holding me through voice
from shop to shop
looking for Nycil
she loved tomato salad

I took her to pee
at nights
she wanted to get married
all i asked was for sometime
to feel my heart beats
but she is gone now

where is she?
O tomatoes of Ema keithel!
did she come here
with her father?
I remain her lover

O cyclists on the road
did you see her
with her bicycle?
She must have been around
she doesnt cycle that fast

If i meet her again
and if there is no one by her side
I would hold her tight
till im eighty or seventy

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