On the Death of Poet A. Ayyappan

In this country of pigheads
You have taught me how to die, Ayyappan!
O poets of my times
Listen to Ayyappan's death
This is your destiny if you believe in speaking
The unspoken words of this fucked up world
This is my own death with my last poem in my torn pocket
which has never cupped a ruppee from the hands of any pigheads

Ayyappan, what were the words of your last poem?
Were they as depressing as Yesenin's last words?
Who smudged the words,
Was that this corrupt wind of this Indian Autumn
Which carries the smell of death from the valley of Kashmir?

Ayyappan, I will never die for this country.
Ayyappan, Were you another Pacha Meitei?


Note: A Ayyappan was a noted Malayam modernit poet. He was found in an unconscious state on 25th Oct, evening in front of a theatre in THIRUVANANTHAPURAM with a poem in his pocket. He died later in hospital

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