Jobless Poem

Here, no one gets job
no one gets to hope for hope.
From the universities they become MA and BA
and come here to serve like a farmer on May day
but here no one is a farmer
everyone wants to be a snake charmer

bureaucrats, they put the taxes in their asshole
and the old men in tea hotels, they scold.
some become high with LSD
some sell lands to become inspectors doped with SP
and the youngsters in bike and BMX doing stunts
in youtube and their mothers working in the sun

some burn their degree certifcates to light their joints
some snatched mobile phones and wallets at gun point
they call themselves police who take oaths under the flag
at nights they even snatch phaneks
some become lucky if they are pleased by MLAs
like the criminals in America pleased by CIA
(Criminals In America)

some become the masked rickshaw pullers
some become the masked killers
hired by the government, hired by the hiding men
some become plain man
who face punch from all directions
at home they beat up wives out of frustration

some open alcohol vendors
with PhD degree in literature
there is nothing wrong in it
but the fact is he doesn't want it
here no one gets job
every thing becomes flop

an example of trying to be self sustainable??
O My whole wide world! look at them, read their fables!
they are self sufficient, they need no technologies, electricity.
that's why the aluminium wires are being stolen unlike in cities
that's why the police takes tax for the candles from Moreh
that's why there were people who hid away in Sylhet
to learn the art of guerilla warfare
but their blood, this country and that country shared

some run NGOs for GUN and HIV victims
some run rehabs to get the Junkies clean
some write poetry inspired by Tagore
some paint scenaries making art whore
some live in utopia when they are dying with Malaria
some talk to change the world after they see America
Some call bandh because a football was crushed by a truck on highway 39
Some do theatres to please the bosses as if their homes are fine
Some teach in hill schools by hiring someone to hold the chalks
as they are allergic to hills since the time of their olf folks
some live in jail running some gangs thru cellphone
some kill to heal their past wounds and to cut the bones

Some are jobless
Some are homeless
Some are hopeless
Some are countryless

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