Lets Make a Film

Lets make a film
bring a tripod
and spread its legs
to make it as firm
as mountains
it is all dark, right?
So wide the aperture
you need more light
you need to roll the tape
hey you! be in shape!
And you get ready
the second shot is yours

"Bang Bang Bang"
No one lives
they all die
Only a child left
crying by a bank of river

Cut! Cut!
You Fucking Cunt!
Do you know
how much i have wasted
I want the child to be shot
after the last drop of tear
from his eyes..
Ok you Pig head!
You got it right??
this must be the 2010th takes

Ok, Action!
"Bang bang Bang"

Yes! that's it
it is gonna be great movie
I need an editor now

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