Winter Time

it is winter time
with market full of peas
it is winter time
with days full of sleep

give me peace
no the scars from drunken night
November left me
with my forehead swollen
December arrived
with my weak punch bleeding

i am living
with my hair falling like autumn leaves

Mama it is winter time
dont call me from home
i dont want to hear the news
dont wake me up mama
i only want to wake up clean
leaving my scars on my Moreh blanket

it is winter time
and i dont want to hear a chime
of the church bell
that rob the sincerity of many lives in hills

it is winter time
i dont want to write a poem of hate
it is winter time
love falls from the sky
i pick it
and get lost in translation
and i say "Sarang Ngiyo"
as she asks me to pay back
the six years of love and fight
with my stupidity,

the six years in which
she adoringly said
quoting Ondatjee
"Seeing you
i want no other life"
when it is winter and we die
ourselves for pork with bamboo shoot

it is winter time
again a weekend arrives
flavoured with smoke and scent of rum
and we burn out like fireflies in dawn

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