Naked Children

it is now time to play.
the mad peon has rung the bell
together for this year.

Children! come out and play
Lie down in these fields
gaze the sky, you will know
Nature is a big lie.

You have lived in darkness
So light a cigarette
write a satanic verse
fill your wallet with tablets

Manipur is a name of a football
You can bend it the way you want
wear your boots, you don't need books
don't listen to the referee

don't listen to them
Just come out
let's sell Manipur
you have your share

It is no time to sit in desks and benches
So sleep in the streets
sit by the roadside
see where are they driving your home

Come out Children
let's sleepwalk
and bang the doors

you have been hungry enough
to know what is justice
you have been taught enough
to know there is no need of education
to understand this land

Education is for the ones
who were born ignorant about life and death.
but you Children
you grew up among dead bodies

you have hold the banners in these streets
you were born during curfew
you were conceived when the bed was burning
So burn the books, it is all a lie

let's bathe in the bullet they fire
we are the naked children
of those naked mothers

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