Slippery Indian Citizen

Sailing across the Indian Ocean
fishing with a bamboo stick
all the way from the Koubru mountain
fishing pearls for my love
who left me for good
who left me hanging between my rusty guitar strings

a small town boy I was,
who has seen the ocean only in Baywatch
or in Discovery Channel
I have never smelt an ocean before
but it smelt familiar
it smelt like the god of hand's job
the god that create humankind
No, it was all a day dream
call it a poet's fantasy
I was sailing in my own semen
with my bed as boat
with my zero balance ATM card as map to nowhere
with no compass to tell me I am east or west
north or south.

Why? Why?
Why did I confuse a pool of my own semen
with Indian Ocean?
Why, you tell me?

I remember reading by heart
the preamble in school of fools.
still I remember by heart
all the fundamental rights.

Yes! I am an Indian citizen
with bonus fundamental rights
"right to to be shot any time
right to be called an militant"

again later that night
I smelt something familiar
I couldn't move too
It must be a nightmare I thought
after reading Hindustan Times
and Tehelka Magazine
with 2000 farmers committing suicide per page
with two women raped in Kashmir in a corner
with Manipur in flames
I couldn't move
I have never understood India's head
but now I felt India is on top of me
with all its blood on my face
suffocating me

that morning I woke up tired
in the garbage boy's knock on my poor door

until the day I went to Khajuraho
and saw those god given positions
I didn't understand that
that night I was in 69 position
with India.

I never had sex that way
but why with India?
Was my citizenship demanding too much?
Why did India let me suck all her blood?
Why did India take my tongue within her slippery organ?
My tongue was stuck, it tasted blood
Why did it all happened before I could see India's face?
Or Is India wearing a burqa?

Nevertheless I discover India
I am the third after Vasco De Gama and Nehru
But I have become a joke
since I claimed it
like my own sperm
dying under the Summer fan.

O! I have become a slippery Indian citizen

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