Yes, I am the patriot

Someday out of my funeral too
They will fill their pockets.
the roads will be blocked for one day
for all the songs i sing.
And if you say this is how they disregard
a patriot in this land of patriots,
Yes, I am a patriot too.
But don't splatter flowers on my coffin
dont write those same quotes
dont hurt the watchers with your cries
Just walk bold whether you wear black or white
Just tell them he was just a patriot
A patriot who pretended to be farmer
A patriot who cried in his songs
A patriot who wrote poem inside the burning house
A patriot who died for no cause as you will
A patriot who drowned in the dream of his generation.


Jayanta Oinam said...

I wanted to grow a farm full of patriots! Kidding. Good one.

Ronid Aka Akhu said...

yes we shud grow a farm full of patriots...o lets start tilling the drought land

Jayanta Oinam said...

yes my fren!