black day

i didn't know why they called it a black day
there was nothing so black about the day
blood, gunpowder were all that i smelt
all i could hear was mothers and daughters
since the day
before the great red sun sets
the roads have become deserted
and a long silent black night walks the roads
while the unknown soldiers are loading their guns
till the innocent hungry children wake up their mothers
till the rickshaw pullers exchange their sweats with the rising sun
till the dawn overpowers thousands of dreams of freedom

now my days will be black
as the red hot bullets in my chest complete me
as i was born armed with my anger
in "the land of the half-humans."
all i sense now is the light flashing in my eyes
with the strangers' hand
giving me my last warm comfort
all i hear now is the lonely vehicle
howling in this silent black night
Oh! this black night is swallowing me

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