I was stripped (Assam, 24th November, `07)

I was plucking tea
when the Brahmaputra river was overflowing.
nature brought justice to all.
so we suffered together.

Winter paved nature to Spring.
with my little hopes
outshining the green garden
i was singing, dancing and plucking Tea!

the city was celebrating everyday.
i could see its smoke rising.
men were spitting out beetle juice
walking with those shoes.....

the armies were ambushed.
the girls were taken away to be sold away.
my folks were singing our Adivashis' songs.
in the rhythm, i was still plucking Tea!

I walked out with my folks one day
out of my tea garden on the streets of the city
where people love the smell of my hand-plucked tea
i thought i was saved under the umbrella

But I was stripped, I was chased
I was kicked, i was dragged
I was running naked all over the city
With tears, with fear

these hands that plucked the tea covered my breast
i ran, watched by the eyes of the city...
Oh! these hands will never stretch out again for tea
Oh! these breast will not be milked but blood

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