All I want is a freedom
To walk without being stopped
Or questioned
From spring to autumn

All I want is a season
To be naked in the sun
Standing in the middle of road
Reciting my own poem of freedom

All I want is to roam free
In my own land or country
Without being asked my identity
Or about my insanity

All I want is you
To walk away packing your bags
Zipping your mouth
Unloading your guns

Go to the place
Where people have lived their lives
Where they tell a good history to innocent sons
Where they pity us for being what we are…

They have worn our skin
In television, in newspapers and in books
With our broken hearted mothers
With flames that rose from every streets of my land

All I want is my poor men
Writing their own song to sing
Farming their own land to harvest
Bringing up the kids to plough the history

All I want is a good history to start
I have heard enough of rivers crying
I have found enough of death to live again
I have tried enough to rise, let me rise

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