A widower, I am

I am not heard
As I am hurt

I am so silent
Like those mountains

I am not fine
As I miss my old wine

My company was she
When I walked and slept

She tickled me
With her fingers on my hips

She flickered her cigar
Till the ashes filled the fish jar

All it was I
Who saw things between my eyes

Never knew myself
Like those books on the Wiseman shelves

It is all me
Tossing and rolling in this sleep

The widower I am

It is only I
Looking out for a better goodbye

I walk
They look around for her
But no one shows up

I talk
They wait for her name
But my tongue misses it out

I sleep
The dream comes
But all black like crow

I eat
They serve me the Lebanese rolls
I miss the taste and the cream

I drink
But I miss the fire

It is all I now
Who made her say

She is weak like a thin twig
She sobbed

I knew it was not she
It was meant to teach me

Something I had not learnt
In this life of 26 years

I said it is just a chapter
She said don't flatter

And she lost me

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