what are you upto?

I address to you
My lost-track trekker
Our comradeship
Will not last long

You started it
With a saddle on a pony
And you left it
Wounded upon the field of paddy.

Your redness fades
Towards nonsensical usual fun
Of attracting attention
Of people to your sons.

So many boys and girls
On the same road
We died
Over a mouthful of rice

So many ladies are fish netting
Worrying with the sun’s setting
In your non-appearance

No wonder
If you come asking
The number of meals
You missed

In return
You will take away those fish
Which forget to breathe without water
Like water is to fish
Money is to your revolution.

Forget the revolution
Still you have not brought a change
Except your black boots and belts

So many men succumb
Waiting for a change in this world
Never realise there is in between a wall
Greater than “Great wall of China.”
And a comrade like you towered it
Against the clear sky of promises.

Your sons are foolish
All they know is only two things smoke
The guns and the fast cars.
They drop the horses dead on road
They left the enemies’ radio turned on
Unknowingly they sang along
From the basements they honk

How do they get out of your cage?
A cage next to freedom and liberty
As you promised.
They will soon drown
In their own blood, inside the ladies’ gown.

Thought you would show
There can be a way
Not to the gutters
Not to the mountains
But on a plain
Not upon the painted chairs
Not underneath the earth
But beneath our different faces and skin

Winter nights are warm for you
Because you sleep on the ashes
A left over heat of your tamed anger
How shall I categorize your act?
So many outfits or idiots like you
Rule my moves and heartbeats

I collect every teardrop and sweat
I shed
You take it way and say
You are wiping it
Not the tears I want you to wipe
But stand by me when I sweat

I sleep less
Since the day I smelt the burning
Thought I would be numb
But no, eventually got burnt

Wish I could scratch their eyeballs out
The ministers’.
Wish people really burnt them
On the streets
Where the Dogs are guarding them

You soon look back
Where you left the beginning
Or we will come to the end…

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