I Am Naked

I had painted myself in blue
When I swam across the ocean
They saw my skin

I was naked

I had painted myself in yellow
When I walked through the field of daffodils
They saw my skin
I was naked again

I had coloured myself in black
When I slept deep in the darkness of night
But they saw me
I was strangled in the dark
I bled and puked my life out

Once I met a man
He was everyone
he could possibly be
A lover, a friend, a feminist
A loser, a man, a communist
A liar, a bastard, a capitalist

He spoke like the man
Upon the steepest mountain
Who could taste blood
When he stood under the fountain
But he saw my skin
As I had shed my clothes
For a bath in a pool
Of the dreams that he showed to me
I was a naked girl again
Then a spear pierced me
I drowned in tears of my crying

The travelers are deaf and blind
If the road runs against weakness and helplessness.

"All men are equal"
Why men not women?
Or is it like this:
"All women are slaves
and born to give birth to men"

Now I have nothing to speak of
Except the silence of intolerance
Yes, I am naked
Look at me,

Look at my skin

Feel the curves
Get on my nerves
If I am not wrong
You enjoy your mother.

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